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ALLORA is the product of my love for candles and my desire to create a cozy home for my family- free of the pollutants that are found in most store bought candles.  After making my own soap and cleaning products for years I decided to venture out during quarantine to try and perfect the art of a natural, clean burning candle.  As we were spending more time in our home, I found the candles became a way to add ritual to our day- I’d burn one while having coffee and getting the kids ready for a day of home schooling, another as we did lunch time yoga breaks and another as the day was winding down with baths and books.  The simple act of lighting a candle positively affected the whole mood and energy of our house. 

 It was a bit of a journey to get to the candles I'm producing today.  Working with 100 % natural soy wax is notoriously full of pitfalls and my desire to use pure essential oils as much as possible has taken patience and a lot of failure before figuring out how to turn the highest quality ingredients into the best burning candle. As a gardener it really reminds me of growing organically, it might not look perfect at the end of the day but it sure does taste better.   

Being Italian and having spent a lot of time in Italy I naturally was inspired to base my candles off my travels and the magical landscapes and botanics I encountered there. Allora is an Italian word that has a few meanings, one of them being "so what" which is a personal mantra of mine. Andy Warhol once said, “Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, So what.

My hope is that the radical joy and soul quenching solace these candles bring to me find their way into your life and your sweet home... and that you light one up and say, "so what."

With love,
Kimberly Fazio Hills, Founder, Allora Candle Company